Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit - October 1st 2020

Myocardial Solutions, Inc

What Is the Role of Cardiac Imaging in Cardio-Oncology?
Cardiac imaging plays a critical role in clinical decision making during the cancer process, particularly in patients at risk of heart failure. New imaging techniques
may help us to stratify cardiotoxicity risk, to optimize cardiovascular therapy, to prevent and manage CTox, and to guide long-term survivors’ follow-up.
This Satellite Symposium Program was planned to address practical questions on the use of advanced imaging techniques in cancer patients using practical
case-based sessions.
• Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Cardio-Oncology: role of myocardial strain
Sponsored by Myocardial Solutions, Inc



Dr. Teresa López-Fernández

Cardiac MRI in cardio-oncology: Strain at its best fidelity
Dr. Daniel J. Lenihan

Cardiac MRI en cardio-oncology: The oncology perspective
Dr. Susan Dent

Closing remarks
Dr. Alexander Lyon

How Fast-SENC works
Dr Juan López-Mattei

Combined speed and accuracy for personalized clinical needs
Dr Nael Osman

Nael Osman, PhD
Myocardial Solutions, Inc
Founder – Chief Technical Officer

Small Bio:
Nael Osman founded Myocardial Solutions after developing MyoStrain’s technology as a professor at Johns Hopkins University. As a known leader in cardiac MRI technology, Nael has pushed the frontiers of measuring regional function of the heart using MRI. Nael is an accomplished researcher and academician with a track record of academic publications (60+ scientific papers, 100+ conference presentations and abstracts), research contribution, teaching and life science innovation.