Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit - October 1st 2020


What Is the Role of Cardiac Imaging in Cardio-Oncology?
Cardiac imaging plays a critical role in clinical decision making during the cancer process, particularly in patients at risk of heart failure. New imaging techniques
may help us to stratify cardiotoxicity risk, to optimize cardiovascular therapy, to prevent and manage CTox, and to guide long-term survivors’ follow-up.
This Satellite Symposium Program was planned to address practical questions on the use of advanced imaging techniques in cancer patients using practical
case-based sessions.
• Innovative Echo Toolbox for Cardio-Oncology
Sponsored by Philips



Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan

Case 1: How advanced echo improves baseline risk stratification. The role of 3D Echo
Dr. Covadonga Fernandez

Case 2: Asymptomatic LV dysfunction: Is it clinically relevant?
Dr. Anne Blaes

Case 3: Drop in GLS: what does it mean?
Dr. Jennifer Liu

Case 4: “Advanced FOCUS echo” in Cardio-Oncology
Dr. Keramida Kalliopi

Case 5: The role of advanced echo in cancer survivors
Dr. Anita Arnold