Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit - October 1st 2020


About V-COS
Welcome to the first International Cardio-Oncology Summit: V-COS 2020

This virtual course is a joint CardioTox and GCOS initiative, co-hosted by the Cardio-Oncology working group of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the International Cardio-Oncology Society.

V-COS will summarize the latest research and best practices in Cardio-Oncology, a multidisciplinary specialty that has gained a growing interest from a large number of healthcare providers including oncologists, cardiologists, radiologists, nurses, pharmacists, and basic scientists. Hand in hand with leading experts, V-COS aims is to improve our knowledge of the role of diagnostic and management tools to mitigate cardiotoxicity risk, while maintaining effective cancer therapies.

This year’s summit will be co-chaired by Dr. Susan Dent, Medical Oncologist at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina USA, Dr. Teresa López-Fernández and Dr. José Luis López-Sendón, Cardiologists at La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain and Dr. Daniel J Lenihan, Cardiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

We look forward to meeting you in October, 1st 2020!


Dr. Teresa López-Fernández Dr. Susan Dent Dr. Daniel J. Lenihan Dr. José Luis López Sendón